Arochem S


Rotary pump packing suitable for high shaft speeds and abrasive media

AROCHEM  S combines the advantages of two advanced yarn materials in the sealing of high-speed shafts. The particular running qualities of thermally stable PTFE- graphite compound yarn ensure shaft protection and even short-term “dry-running” without damage.

Due to their stability, wear resistant aramid yarn edges prevent packing extrusion and protects against abrasive media. AROCHEM S contains a universally stable silicone-free lubricant. This ensures superior lubrication during the run-in phase.



  • Thermally stable PTFE-graphite compound running surface
  • Smooth running, low friction
  • Wear resistant multi-filament aramid yarn in corners
  • Anti-extrusion protection and extra stability
  • Very stable and dense
  • Ideal for higher pressure/wider clearance gaps


Hot water, salt, solutions, alkalis, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, medium concentration acids.

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