Product description

  • Outer casing: elastomer (smooth or grooved = X7)
  • Spring-loaded sealing lip
  • Additional dust lip (BA…SL)
  • Sealing lip profile, sealing lip machined on the front face (BAUX2, BAUSLX2 = preferred type)
  • Sealing lip profile, finished sealing lip (BAFUDX7/BAFUDSLX7).

Product advantages

  • Broad range of applications in every sector of industry
  • Reliable sealing of the housing bore, even with increased roughness of the bore, thermal expansion and split housings, thus a sealing of low viscosity and gaseous media also possible
  • Additional dust lip as additional seal against moderate and medium dust and dirt  ingress from outside (BA….SL). (Note: can lead to temperature increase from frictional heat).


  • Industrial gearboxes
  • Axles (when subject to moderate dirt)
  • Power tools

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